OHA U15 Prep's Cook Book for Athletes

OHA U15 Prep's Cook Book for Athletes

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Calling all Hungry Hockey Families!

Our U15 Prep team has created the Ultimate Hockey Cook Book! Recipes include: Breakfast, Meals and Snacks!

Our student athletes have compiled their favorite go-to meals to make meal prep in your hockey household a breeze.

This cook book is a must have for any kitchen, and will raise money for a great cause!

All proceeds from your donations will benefit our Okanagan Hockey Community Foundation

Simply choose your donation amount and upon completion of your order, you will received a PDF version of the OHA Hockey Cook Book via email!

To increase your donation, simply increase the number of books in your cart. (You will receive one copy due to file size.)

Any questions, please reach out to craigbedard@okanaganhockey.com.